Measuring CPU speeds ( was RE: Why isn't Apple releasing patches for the Month of Apple )

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Tue Feb 13 17:49:19 CST 2007

Tom Peters wrote:
>> Speaking of Dhrystones.... what is one?
>> Also, what does the MHz, or GHz, measure
>> exactly?
> When one specifies or discusses a cpu and the associated clock speed in 
> MHz or GHz, I would assume one is referring to the cpu clock, something 
> which can be measured by a frequency counter on a specified pin, and 
> probably set in in the BIOS, or on older machines, by dip switches, or 
> on still older machines, set by the manufacturer.

But as said, it's utterly meaningless. The only thing that matters is whether 
the CPU is fast enough for the required application(s)...

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