IBM and the Holocaust

Ken kenzolist at
Wed Feb 14 01:56:47 CST 2007

At 10:20 PM 2/12/2007 -0900, Grant Stockly wrote:
>I'm not trying to stir anything up here.  I don't blame IBM as a company or dislike any of its products because of it.  But reading the book was sure an eye opening experience.  I just wanted to start the discussion for now.  I don't have time right now to write anything decent right now.

FYI, two recent movies that also touch upon this subject are the documentary "The Corporation" <>, which I recall having a few shots of old computers during that scene, and "The Fog of War" <>, an interview film with Robert McNamara featuring a Philip Glass soundtrack that includes a piece called "IBM Punch Cards" (a piece I naturally had to listen to immediately, although I still haven't seen the film!).

- Ken

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