requirement for use of your real name on this list?

Jay West jwest at
Wed Feb 14 10:26:49 CST 2007

It was written....
> I can't see why it's such a big deal myself. Jay, any plans to ask for 
> fingerprints of list members? ;)

Absolutely not!

Nor will there be a drivers license check, or anything like that.

However, if people don't use their real name or at least a normal sounding 
nickname they can't be expected to be taken seriously by everyone. That's 
not a policy I need to put forth... each listmember will make their own call 
about others based on it I'm sure.

ok, forget that... here is a better way to put it.... If people insist on 
using silly names like "Nosila the Magic User" or "Luke Skywalker" or "Gakor 
King of Vithra"... or even worse... "Iceman"... they will simply be laughed 
off the channel ;)


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