Humpty Dumpty

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Wed Feb 14 10:48:59 CST 2007

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 02:37, Paul Anderson wrote:
> Hi Pat,
> Do you have any other VT340's or parts? Would your friend be
> interested in trading his?

Sorry, no.  After realizing how much the seem to be worth for some 
reason (hasn't someone written an emulator yet?), I'll be sure to get 
it back when doesn't want it anymore..


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> On Thursday 08 February 2007 09:06, Richard wrote:
> > Most terminals do not have graphics capability, just character
> > capability.  Color graphics terminals are even scarcer.
> Like the 3278-S3G I got off ebay recently, the VT340, which I traded
> to a friend for a 68040 VME CPU board, or any of the NCD or HDS
> Xterminals I've got laying around. :)  Oh, and I've got a couple IBM
> Xterminals, too..
> And I almost had a pair of E&S PS390s.  Unfortunately, I discovered
> that all the boards were removed by the time I got them, when I went
> to pick them up.  :(
> Pat

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