requirement for use of your real name on this list?

Tothwolf tothwolf at
Wed Feb 14 14:41:47 CST 2007

On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Tim  Shoppa wrote:
> Al wrote:
>> "Hex Star" stands out like a sore thumb. Everyone else on this list 
>> uses their real name, not a "handle".
> There's a couple of respected folks here using handles but they've been 
> doing so for at least a decade.
> The concept of "screen names" has some "classic" elements esp. w.r.t 
> BBS's (some legit uses) and phreaking (completely non-legit but somewhat 
> respectable in a techie sense.)
> I grew up not with BBS's but with E-mail lists and Usenet and had used 
> my real name there enough that the only time I use a screen name is when 
> I want to hide who I am, something only rarely done.

I've been using my handle since the early 90s and have been active on the 
list since somewhere around 1999-2000. List members who've met me in 
person know my 'real' name as do many whom I've had a lot of email contact 
with over the years. I really don't see it as a problem myself, but I grew 
up using BBS's and Usenet which Tim mentions above. *shrug* As for comment...'course anyone who knows me well knows I'm a 
comms :)


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