Why isn't Apple releasing patches for the Month of Apple Bugexploits???

Huw Davies huw.davies at kerberos.davies.net.au
Thu Feb 15 06:28:44 CST 2007

On 13/02/2007, at 12:09 AM, Brian Foley wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 11:00:34PM +1100, Huw Davies wrote:
>> The "bad" news is that a VAX-11/780 has a 500KHz clock (I had to
>> check I didn't write 500MHz there :-)
> Err... are you sure you don't mean 5 MHz? I know it was 1977 and they
> chiseled ICs directly out of raw basalt back then, but even still! :)
> http://www.netbsd.org/Documentation/Hardware/Machines/DEC/vax/ 
> vax700.html#vax700:vax_11_780
> The early VAXes took quite a few clock cycles to execute each  
> instruction,
> and the 11/780 could execute about 500,000 instructions/sec.  
> Perhaps this
> is where you're getting your figure from?

More than happy to stand corrected - yes, I recalled the 500K  
instructions/second and mapped that to a 500KHz clock.

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