Two Kennedy tape drives on govliq

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Feb 17 17:39:38 CST 2007

> > OEM drive mfgs
> > 
> > 60's       70's       80's      90's
> > 
> > Ampex--->?
> > Dymec------>HP------------------>
> > Kennedy------------------------->Bought by Shugart
> > CDC------------------------->Laser Magnetic Storage
> >        Digidata--------------------->
> >        Wangco-->Cipher----------->
> >        PEC---->Pertec------------>
> >                            Qualstar--->
> >                            M4 Data---->
> ...and there's Fujitsu.  Used by various OEMs, including Sun.

Over ehre there was SE Labs (part of EMI?). They certainly made a 9-track 
1600bpi unit, I have one on one of my PDP11s.

Did Racal Thermionic ever make a 9-track computer tape drive? They made a 
digital cassette drive called the 'Digidek'. I have one and the service 
manual, the actuall tape machanism shares parts with the tape mechanism 
in the HP9830 (and presumably the HP9865)

What about Penny and Giles? They made some QUC drives with RS232 
interfaces for data logging. Anything larger?

And Philips? I can't believe they never made a computer tape drive given 
that they made computers and were well-experienced in magnetic recording. 
They certainly made compact-cassette and minicassette data drives.


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