Kennedy to PC interface...

Steve Robertson steerex at
Mon Feb 19 11:35:54 CST 2007

 I think you're looking for HP7974A,HP7978A/B,HP7979A,HP7980A,HP7980XC
> HP-IB Interface Protocol Specifications from Greeley Storage Division,
> I have revision 6.55 from May 8, 1989 as a PDF document.
> (Al: Do you need this document?)
> Christian

Cool... I'd really like a copy of that doc. Please let me know the URL when
it gets posted.

NOTE: Most of the 9000/800 series boxes, including the small ones (IE F20),
had HPIB ports installed from the factory. If you can find one of those
systems, you'll have an ideal machine not only for accessing your 9-track
but for talking to all kinds of HPIB devices. The last couple of machines I
got off Bay went for < $50 each.

See Ya, SteveRob

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