Kennedy to PC interface...

jd onymouse at
Mon Feb 19 08:06:40 CST 2007

Christian Corti wrote:
> I think you're looking for HP7974A,HP7978A/B,HP7979A,HP7980A,HP7980XC 
> HP-IB Interface Protocol Specifications from Greeley Storage Division,
> I have revision 6.55 from May 8, 1989 as a PDF document.
> (Al: Do you need this document?)
That sounds familiar too...
I have IEEE-488.1 1978(?) and a later rev & part of 488.2 plus the SS/80 
manual and an Amigo draft manual.

I think I have the CS/80 manual part number somewhere.
...just have to figure out which terabyte of data it's in...

I've not lost my mind.
It's backed up on card, tape, disc and CDROM.
Somewhere--I just can't find it.

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