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Wed Feb 21 12:38:12 CST 2007

On 21/2/07 16:17, "Kevin Handy" <kth at> wrote:

> Could it be something other than the Pro?
> What other items are on that breaker?
> Could you just be running too much stuff,
> or could the breaker be marginal?

It's done the same on 2 different breakers, one is a 100A one running my
whole house (only a fridge, Mac Mini and hi-fi physically on) and the other
is an 80A one at work with nothing else on it.
> Many breakers don't blow immediately,
> but allow a short time of slightly high
> current before they blow, which is giving
> you the 5 minutes.

I'll have to see if I can measure the current draw from within the PSU since
I don't have a clamp meter.
> But doesn't the pro have a built in breaker?
> (Black button right next to the power cord)
> I'd expect the breaker built into the Pro
> should trip before it would pop your house
> breaker if there was a PSU problem.

Well, the machine works until the pop, unless the RD52 is pulling too much
but in that case I'd expect the PSU breaker to pop first. It'd be nice to
plug the PSU into a mains analyser to see if anything shows up there too,
like a sudden big draw or short to earth or something.
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