Google on hard drive failures

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at
Wed Feb 21 13:20:30 CST 2007

Guy wrote:
> There's an even *more* interesting paper on
> this from a CMU post-doc (math warning...lots
> of statistics) that seems to blow away many (if not 
> all) assumptions about drive failures/quality/raid/etc.

I looked through FAST05 and found a few CMU
papers but nothing that looked like that. If/when
you find the link I'm very interested. My anecdotal
experience is based entirely on a hatred of
unnecessary technology especially RAID controller
failures (there must be a curse: the controller
barfs or loses its config more often than drives

Interesting side point: in several case I've
been able to find files (tape images that I made
a decade or two ago) that I had misplaced (not
a drive crash but simply losing them in the shuffle)
by Googling for them and finding a copy of my
tape image, in a directory name that I had made
up twenty years ago, elsewhere on the web!
I was astounded!


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