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Philip Pemberton classiccmp at
Wed Feb 21 14:47:23 CST 2007

Dave Dunfield wrote:
> I have a small but steadily (if slowly) growing collection of boot/system disk images
> at:
> Additions to the archive are welcome and encouraged, however response has been
> somewhat limited (many thanks to those who have submitted material).

I've got a week off university next week, so I'm planning to try and shift a 
few projects off my 'unfinished' list. Near the top is the USB/RS232 floppy 
reader I mentioned a while back - basically a Catweasel variant with a USB 

A couple of TTL gates to clean up the disc signals, a CPLD, a bit of RAM and a 
microcontroller. How hard can it be?

Don't answer that one. Seriously, please, don't answer that question...

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