List stats?

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Thu Feb 22 08:30:48 CST 2007

Jay West wrote:
> Jules wrote...
>> Thanks for that (and the yearly break-down). Those are some pretty 
>> healthy numbers :-)
> I was so glad someone tracked that down so I didn't have to :)


>> Does anyone maintain list archives in mbox format online anywhere 
>> "permanent"?
> Yes, I do :)

Is that what the gzipped versions are at:

They look kind of "mboxey" when extracted, but I can't see where it says what 
format they actually are (pipermail? Mailman? mbox? Something else?)  :-)

For the last couple of years I've been trying to save messages that are of 
interest to me and delete the rest, but doing that is getting messy (mainly 
because I'm lazy and I've got a 3000-or-so backlog of read messages that I 
really can't be bothered flicking through! ;-)

It'd be nice to know that I don't need to keep *anything* locally as it's 
always going to be out there for when I do need to download to local disk in 
order to search.



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