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Patrick Finnegan pat at
Thu Feb 22 15:46:23 CST 2007

On Thursday 22 February 2007 16:15, Tony Duell wrote:
> > Tony Duell wrote:
> > > (there are no 'pole pigs' over here)
> >
> > Is that always true? Sometimes on rural roads with just one or two
> > houses (and also individually on farms) I've seen pole-mounted
> > transformers and wondered what their function is - I'd assumed they
> > were step-down transformers from overhead line voltage (several KV
> > I'd guess) to 240VAC. Or do they do some completely different job?
> I think you're absoluately right. But they normally supply more than
> just one house, don't they?
> OK, I was a little too definite in my original statement. I should
> have said 'Pole pigs are rarely used in the UK, in towns/cities (at
> least), many houses are supplied from the same transformer'.

Around everywhere I've lived (in the US), "pole pig" transformers 
usually supply more than one house as well, especially in urban areas.  
About the only places they don't are for heavy industrial/commercial 
buildings, or in rural areas where there's 1/4mi or more between you 
and your closest neighbor...

And, I guess, multi-unit apartment buildings tend to have their own 
transformer as well.

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