HP battery eliminator connectors - found

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Fri Feb 23 11:48:46 CST 2007

I've brought this up on the list a couple times, and the concensus among 
fellow HP'ers was always "these connectors aren't around anymore". Some are 
happy to just push a resistor into the 21MX battery connector, but I have 
one of the HP connectors built specifically as a battery eliminator plug and 
I wanted more. The resistors can fall out if just pushed in or not make good 
contact. After working with someone at AMP (Tyco), the following information 
is available:

These are the old AMP "MR" (miniature rectangle) connectors.

Here's the parts for a HP 21MX battery eliminator plug, with AMP part 
numbers & mouser prices:
Pin housing (cap) 1-640511-0 $0.82
Strain relief (shell) 350522-1 $1.24
Live split pin contact (tin, 26-18 awg) 640545-1 $0.17 (need 2)
Live split pin contact (tin, 26-24 awg) 640579-1 (need 2)
Live split pin contact (gold, 26-18 awg) 640545-2 $0.40 (need 2)
Live split pin contact (gold, 26-24 awg) 640579-2 (need 2)

These are all current production parts and still available new. The only 
mismatch - the HP plugs were black and these are red :)

If I build up a bunch of battery eliminator plugs, I wonder if I can get $20 
each on ebay ;)

Hope this helps folks!

Jay West 

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