Google on hard drive failures

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Sat Feb 24 10:32:58 CST 2007

Hmm- it would be nice if they identified the manufacturer that has 
notably higher failure rates, but I think I can make a guess (WD?)

On the other hand, (perhaps it's just an age thing) I have had several 
drives of the IDE and SCSI types fail, and it seems that the SCSI 
drives are more likely to do it in the "operatic heroine" manner and 
either take a long time to do it or come back to life a few times 
allowing one to recover a bit of the data changed since last backup. 
IDEs tend to die rapidly and finally. Note that this is just my 

What are current reliability rankings re: cheapo (SATA/IDE) drives 
(similar to what one would use to store classiccmp-related documents 
and software on)? 

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