Watch out for Alexandra Carter (eBay seller)

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Sat Feb 24 20:34:08 CST 2007

She has been selling on ebay for quite a few years, and has some ... strong
opinions about a lot of things. She usually attends VCF and the Livermore
swapmeet. If I see her next week at Livermore, I'll ask her about it. My
impression is still that she has some strong opinions, but is not dishonest in
her dealings. It wouldn't surprise me though to see her overreacting.

> From: Vassilis PREVELAKIS <vp at>
> Anybody done business with eBay seller Alexandra Carter (alexandracarter)?
> She used a very neat trick on me. 
> I bought an HP 5036A Microprocessor Lab 8-Bit Computer from her
> (eBay 160080545681) and paid for it with a money order which was
> received on Feb. 3, 2006 (USPS tracking number 0103 8555 7499 5332
> 2386).
> She then claimed to have sent the HP 5036A via USPS but has not
> produced a tracking number despite the fact that I specifically had
> asked for one.
> Anyway, when I pressured her about the item, she filled a non-payment
> dispute against me, to prevent me from posting negative feedback
> on her.
> This is despite the fact that on Feb 9, she sent me an eBay message
> (sitting in my eBay messages folder) confirming receipt of payment.
> I have been told that she has pulled this stunt before on another
> buyer and only delivered the goods when he threatened filing a 
> USPS mail fraud complaint.
> So watch out for Alexandra Carter despite her 98.6% feedback rating.
> **vp 

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