Teac 55 Floppy Drive

info info at harrells.net
Sun Feb 25 09:27:07 CST 2007

The Teac drive I'm trying to get working is a teac 55BR. I'm also trying 
to get a shugart 455 AA5 and 455 3AA working with a California Computer 
systems shugart incapable FDC. The CP/M computer with format but fails 
to read or write to the floppy afterward. My goal is to get a floppy 
exchange between my PC and CP/M machine. I'm formatting Single side 
Double Denisty and 512k sectors. I'm using 22disk on the dos side and do 
have a somewhat working solultion with a shugart 400 and a old 3 /1/2 
and 5 /14 combo drive. I do now have the settings in 22 disk correct as 
it reads and write sometimes with errors between the two machines. I get 
sector not found errors when it does fail. Thanks

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