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Tue Jan 2 14:36:30 CST 2007

> >Does it pop up saying the disk needs to be initialized? Are you sure it's
> >HFS?
> No, the client knows next to nothing about it.  Yes, after I insert
> the disk, it waits what seems like several minutes, then says 
> it wants to initialize it.

I'd let Disk Copy take a whack at it then. Make sure Disk Copy is running
before you insert the disk. At least you'd be able to look at the raw
image in a hex editor and see if it looks halfway sensible.

> > I'm not surprised the IIci wouldn't boot the 7200's drive. I imagine the
> > HD driver is not compatible.
> And the symptom of that would be what?  Incompatible in hardware,
> or that there wasn't a 68000-capable HD driver still in System?

The symptom would be not booting ;) the incompatibility is, as you say,
the lack of a 68K-based HD driver, but the driver on a Classic Mac disk
resides on the first partition. If the HD is formatted for HFS+, it is
not bootable on *any* 68K Mac, even if the Mac is a 68040 and can run 8.1,
because there is no 68K-bootable HFS+ HD driver at all. Such '040s can
read HFS+ volumes once they have booted, but they cannot boot from them
because even though there is support for HFS+ in the System, the system
has to boot first to even *get* the System file.

A IIci obviously falls in the same booting category.

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