back to the AGC, was Re: TTL 7400's Available

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Wed Jan 3 00:18:23 CST 2007

woodelf wrote:
> Brent Hilpert wrote:
> > And whats up with this mention of LCD displays? I didn't think there was
> > anything practical available that early, or that was going to stand up to the
> > rigours of space-flight - I have a calc with one of the first commercial LCDs
> > (1972) and it's still kind of rudimentary - slow, poor contrast, temperature sensitive...
> Doing a bit of googling on the AGC, I found that it uses electroluminescent displays.

Yes, I'm finding those references as well. Although it seems quite early for
electroluminescent displays too, don't know of anything else that was using
them at that time, esp. in 7-seg form.

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