Sun E450 server officially vintage

Jon Auringer auringer at
Wed Jan 3 16:05:29 CST 2007

Ethan Dicks wrote:

> I'm hoping to run across an E3000 (pedestal, FC-AL external, SCA
> internal drives, up to 8? CPUs in 4? trays...)

6 CPUs on three cards. Mine has 6 400Mhz with 6 1GB memory kits. There 
are also 2GB memory kits to take the machine to 12GB. They are still 
rather pricey. It is possible to run 464Mhz processors, but they are 
still not easy/cheap to obtain. Be careful about what configuration you 
acquire. I bought mine for cheap, but ended up replacing the 
processor/memory boards to accommodate the move to the 400MHz from the 
original pair of 167MHz processors. I also had to replace the 83Mhz bus 
I/O cards with 100MHz I/O boards to support the faster procs. :( I also 
talked myself into swapping the SBUS video for UPA (creator) graphics.

My cheap E3000 didn't end up being so cheap. I do enjoy playing with it, 
but I am glad that I can keep it at my office, and not have to pay for 
the electricity. With all 10 drive bays filled, it makes for a dandy 
little space heater. :)


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