Apple Disk ][ X-Ray

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at
Wed Jan 3 15:21:45 CST 2007

Brad Parker wrote:
> "Joachim Thiemann" wrote:
>> Actually, I've been wondering: What is the effect of x-rays on EPROMS?
> I was always told it could flip bits.  But that was older UV erasable
> types.  I'd would be interested to know if that is really true...
> (I'm having a flash back to wrapping eproms in tin-foil when flying
> prototype game carts and coin-op games out to the west coast.  probably
> just paranoid, but we did that)
> now days I just wear the tin-foil as a hat :-)
> -brad

A friend of mine brought a Spectrum back from Saudi Arabia when they 
were still very very new.  It didn't survive the trip.  I often wondered 
if airport X-rays had toasted the already-fragile ULA.


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