Missing Bit Redux

Warren Wolfe wizard at voyager.net
Thu Jan 4 02:58:15 CST 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 19:08 -0800, Chuck Guzis wrote:

> On 3 Jan 2007 at 18:12, Billy Pettit wrote:
> > Yes, there still do softwware.  But in the late 80's, they made complete
> > systems, designing all their own hardware.  That's what I'm trying to find.
> Are you certain it was Rational?  AFAIK, they've always been a 
> Natick, Mass. languages outfit (they certainly were in 1987).  Was 
> that one of the buildings near San Tomas and Central expressways 
> (Lawson Lane??)  (it'd be Santa Clara, not San Jose, then).
> Dunno, you've got me stumped.  I

    The company I thought of, FWIW, was Savi Technology, Inc.


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