Purposefully fudged schematics

John Honniball coredump at gifford.co.uk
Thu Jan 4 15:15:12 CST 2007

woodelf wrote:
> To get back on topic about babbage's drawings,
> from what I read it was mechnical design that
> could not be produced with 18th century mechanical
> enginering.

I thought the Science Museum rebuild showed that it
could be built with 19th century engineering?  They
deliberately didn't make it any more accurate than
Babbage could have, and they only found a couple
of minor difficulties.  One was that it was too
hard to turn the handle, so they geared it down.
Surely something that, if Babbage had finished the
Difference Engine, he'd have done himself?

John Honniball
coredump at gifford.co.uk

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