Lookee what I just got!

Warren Wolfe wizard at voyager.net
Sat Jan 6 02:01:27 CST 2007

Hello, Jay, especially, but any other HP types,

    Well, I went and did it.  I am now the proud owner of an HP-2117F,
if I can identify it correctly, shown here:


... and, FPU, shown here:


    My experience with the HP 1000 series machines is, almost
exclusively, programming them in TSB on HP-200B, C, and F systems, many
moons ago.  Jay, you seem to be an alpha geek when it comes to HP iron.
(A term of respect, no offense intended...)  So, could you look at the
above auctions, and tell me what I need to make a good system.
Obviously, a disk system comes to mind...  but, if you could be
specific, I would appreciate it.  Also, what are the chances of this
being a suitable machine to run Time-Share BASIC, or TSB?  I imagine I
would need microcode boards or ROM for the microcode boards already
there, but, for all I know, it already *IS* a TSB machine.  Thanks for
your consideration.


            Warren E. Wolfe
            wizard at voyager.net

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