Ebay: HP 82045A Thermal Paper

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 6 15:06:52 CST 2007

> At 7:15 PM +0000 1/5/07, Tony Duell wrote:
> >  >
> >>  I am interersted in buying some thermal paper for a Hewlett Packard
> >>  printer.  Can you give me any help?  My email at home is btu68 at aol.com.
> >
> >What model of HP printer, and is there anything special about the paper
> >(sproket holes, for example{ ?
> >
> >-tony
> Indeed, if it does not have sprocket holes then take a roll of 
> thermal FAX paper and get it cut to size...

FWIW, a normal thermal fax roll works fine in the 9866 printer (as used 
with 98x0 'calculators'). I have no idea if it puts more wear on the 
printhead than the genuine HP paper (HP used to make that sort of claim, 
I wonder how much of it was to sell their own paper :-)), but it's fine 
for the amount of use such a printer is likely to get today.

It also works fine in the 2761, and I should perhaps tell you a little 
story about that. As you probably know, European paper is 210mm wide, US 
paper is 216 mm wide. I wnet to one branch of a well-known chain of 
stationery shops in London and they only had 210mm fax rolls. I bought 
one and found I could just get the 2761 to print on it if I positioned it 
just right (so that the head didn't move off the edge of the paper and 
then snarl up as it moved back). So I went out the garage and made a 
couple brss disks of the right thichness to fit over the paper roll 
spindle and hold the roll in the right place. 

It works fine. But boy was I annoyed when I went to another branch of the 
same chop and found they also sold 216mm wide rolls....


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