HP2000 & terminal fun

Josef Chessor josefcub at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 19:37:28 CST 2007


On 1/6/07, Bob Brown <bbrown at harpercollege.edu> wrote:
> I'm not fortunate enough to have any real hp-2000 class hardware to
> play with, but this evening I hooked an old ADM3A that I picked up a
> while back (on someone's curb) to my linux pc which runs vmware,
> which runs windows-NT which runs SIMH which runs my emulated HP2000
> (mickey.ath.cx)....

That sounds like the arrangement I usually have, to run things.  ;-)
But you do know you can compile and/or run SIMH on Linux directly,
without the slowdown of Windows NT and VMWare in the middle, right?
If your distribution doesn't support compilation easily, I'm sure
someone on the list would compile it for you if need be. :)

> So, while I don't have the back-end hardware, I can sit at a nice
> classic terminal, running at 9600 baud (I may step it down to 300
> baud just for memories), and play with my emulated hp.

Sounds like loads of fun!  I did the same thing, albeit with a Wyse
terminal and a SIMH emulated VAX, until I'd gotten a real VAXstation
bootstrapped using the same emulator. :-)


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