Stunning recreation work: Danger Will Robinson!

John Foust jfoust at
Sat Jan 6 23:22:54 CST 2007

At 11:01 PM 1/6/2007, you wrote:
>   I've been a member of the B9 Robot Builders Club since I started working on my own replica, years back.  I'm less than half way through construction, though, being easily distracted by classic computer projects.  :-)

Back in late 1998, my buddy Sheldon Leemon (author of "Mapping the C-64")
won the grand prize in an online sweepstakes.  The prize was a full-size
promotional version of the robot from the remake of "Lost in Space".
It had been touring the USA and Japan.  Doesn't look quite the same:

600 pounds, New Line Cinema valued it at $4,500.  We debated what we 
might do with it, never coming to any good conclusions.  I was tempted
to store it in my barn.  He never picked it up.  It sat in a shipping 
yard for months.  I think it eventually started running up charges and 
was sent back in mid-1999.  I wonder where it went!

- John

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