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Mon Jan 8 21:51:00 CST 2007

A little while back I asked about shelving.  Noone suggested anything.
I found what seems to be a good solution at about half the cost of the
next nearest offering, so I thought I'd share.

I had been looking at wire rack shelving.  Some nice wire racks on casters
had been purchased at work from Costco, so I started looking at those.
Costco had Safco "LAN Management System" racks 72"Wx29"Dx73"H for $340,
48"Wx29"Dx73"H for $250, 30"Wx29"Dx73"H for $205.  (Casters were extra.)
They also had Safco wire shelving: 4-shelf 36"Wx18"Dx72"H for $120.
Online I could find racks for comparable prices or a little better
(like $5) and comparable shelving for $80.

I found nice 5-shelf wire racks at Walmart for $40 ea.  36"Wx16"Dx72"H,
black finish.  Each shelf is rated for 200 lbs evenly distributed.
They have levelling screwcaps on the feet.  "5 Shelf Multi-Purpose Rack"
by NSF is what the box says.  UPC 0 34886 00012

Using this shelving, I can stack 10 terminals vertically, 2 per shelf
for 5 shelves, which is a tremendous space savings.

I had to go to several Walmart locations in order to get enough shelving
units, so I don't know if these are end of inventory "priced to move"
units or not.  This shelving is not currently listed on Walmart's web
site, but each store in the Salt Lake City valley had the units.  There is
also a 4-shelf unit standing 52" high with 14" deep shelves.  Most of
the stores had these, with fewer having the taller 5-shelf variety.

The shelf heights are adjustable in 1" increments and no tools are
required for assembly or disassembly.  They seem sturdy enough when
fully loaded, but I wouldn't want to trip and fall into them and put a
big transverse load on the whole system.  It would most likely fall
over and have a danger of crushing you with what I've got loaded into
them.  I certainly wouldn't want to have 10 13" CRTs dumped on me.  I
should probably secure them in case of earthquake...
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