Cleaning House

Vincent Slyngstad vrs at
Wed Jan 10 13:07:32 CST 2007

From: "Jay West" <jwest at>
> It was written...
>> Check out VCM and Ebay (ID=KE6HTS) for the stuff I am getting rid of.
> I know how to look up all the items a given seller is selling on ebay... 
> but I seem to be too brain-dead to see how to do that on vcm. Can someone 
> enlighten me?

In Marvin's, case, I think you can just click on "See Everything" :-).

You can also click on his name "marvin", next to any of his auctions,
then click on the little "437" or whatever next to "Current Postings".
(There are about 50 pages of them.)

There may be easier ways, but that worked for me :-).


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