HP 1000 systems empty rack on ebay.

Bob Shannon bshannon at tiac.net
Wed Jan 10 19:21:31 CST 2007

Say Jay,

Check which model EEPROM chips your emulators use.  I'll send you a
new chip with the latest build, and I'll send you a RS-232 to EEPROM
burner device so you can download new builds and cut EPROMs yourself.

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> Bob wrote....
>>> There's an HP 1000 system rack up on ebay right now,
>>> (290068544027). Just thing to hold all of those 21MX
>>> type systems in the last few posts.
> That's exactly the correct period rack :) Appears to maybe be missing one 
> of the antitip feet, but no huge deal. I have one identical to that, holds 
> two 2113's, 2748B, 7900A, and a I2C paper tape reader/punch emulator 
>>    Kind of a long drive for me.  I'd LOVE to buy it, but...  anybody
>> have any ideas for shipping that I can contact QUICKLY?  Thanks in
>> advance.
> I believe an empty rack of that style is around 105 pounds. Typical 
> dimensions, figure around 21 wide by 72 tall by maybe 30 deep. Secure 
> front door with duct tape, metal band it to pallet (with a piece of 
> cardboard on top - the top is painted/textured like the sides), wrap in 
> plastic, then ship out the door. See if the seller will band it to a 
> pallet & such, from the looks of where the rack is they may have that 
> capability. When you call a shipper, see if they will let you do a ship to 
> terminal, instead of ship to residence. If you can do that on both ends, 
> it saves a LOT. From one end... still helps.
> Jay

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