Beehive Topper

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Thu Jan 11 07:27:21 CST 2007

der Mouse wrote:
> (Yes, he was joking.  The tvi955 is far too computron-poor to run
> anything even vaguely like a Unix variant.  A few KB of RAM at most,
> and a G65SC802 - a slightly improved 6502 - as CPU...

I don't know, what were the requirements for OS-9 on a 6809 CPU? (That's me 
taking "UNIX variant" to mean "Unix-a-like" rather than something claiming 
Unix compatibility). I suppose the question's purely about available memory, 
as something can generally be "run" on any speed CPU [1], although it might be 
painful :-)

[1] Exceptions being if you're trying to service something which requires lots 
of fast interrupt response, I suppose. At some point a system must disappear 
up its own backside if it's just trying to do too much :)

> only way I can
> think of to do it would be to run an emulator for something beefier,
> with remote storage accessed via serial line.  Never mind "run", never
> mind even "walk"; "crawl" would be too fast a word for it.)

I bet you could hack more memory onto it if it hasn't got a reasonable 
complement already. Maybe homebrew something onto a I/O port to bank-switch 
the memory in 16KB chunks or somesuch. (I'm not sure how systems that do that 
typically handle refresh if using DRAM though as presumably it can get quite 
messy - and multiple banks done in SRAM will undoubtedly overload the PSU 
rather quickly)

It *could* probably done without relying on any kind of 'slave' system anyway...



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