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Thu Jan 11 09:34:29 CST 2007

> Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 18:52:14 -0800
> From: "Chuck Guzis" <cclist at>
> Subject: RE: Compuserve wayback machine
> On 10 Jan 2007 at 21:29, Richard A. Cini wrote:
> So, exactly the same thing happened to you that happened to me.
> > They actually want you to pay $18/month for access, which I guess 
> > the legacy dial-up business.
> Which is exactly the opposite of what you'd expect.  When I dropped 
> service at the end of 2004, my monthly bill was about $9.50
> How do they expect to compete with the likes of NetZero and 

I've actually kept my Compuserve account alive all this time as an 
emergency travelling ISP.
One of the incarnations of my cable internet provider didn't allow off 
net access to POP and SMTP
so I discovered that the extensive network of dialups was useful.

Under the later revs of their network, you can dial in, authenticate, 
and then just use PPP to access the internet directly.  You get about 
3/hours/mo dial-in time for free and usage rates there after.

I logged in yesterday via the web.... it takes a little redirection to 
the "native" Compuserve site as the inital screen wants a "Screen Name" 
and won't accept a PPN.  I thought I set a name for my account but I 
don't remember it and I didnt write it down anywhere (it was too 
"obvious" ;^} )

There is a Vintage Computing forum still active, and the files area 
still has stuff dating way back at least to the 80s.

I am still carrying a $9.99/mo legacy subscription, but I don't think 
they'll let you sign up for that anymore.
They now have a BYOA (Bring Your Own Access) rate advertised.
I noticed someone in a support forum mention some sort of backup rate 
of $3/month.  I'm guessing that they'll have deals to try to keep 
getting some money from you if you may quit.

I just got a Cingular 8525 and an unlimited data rate, so I'll 
probably drop this soon.   I'm off to learn more about Windows CE.


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