EDAX 9100 photos are on-line.

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 11 15:20:08 CST 2007

Adrian Graham wrote:
> On 11/1/07 20:07, "Richard" <legalize at xmission.com> wrote:
>> The Apricot was an interesting machine -- MS-DOS compatible, but not
>> BIOS compatible.  In the end, you needed BIOS compatability to be
>> "100% compatible" in the clone market and the Apricot failed.  But
>> they were nice looking machines with a nice keyboard compared to the
>> boring boxes offered by others.
> I've started a history-that-needs-fleshing-out here:
> http://www.binarydinosaurs.co.uk/Museum/Apricot/index.php
> Hells, I'm missing a load of pictures for some of those machines! Note that
> both the XD20 and the 'pc' have the LCD keyboard......

Hmm, we perhaps have a few at the museum which aren't mentioned there, should 
you want a nose around at some point. I know we've got some massive server
(<fx: checks> it's a VXFT) which you perhaps haven't seen as it arrived 
relatively recently.

Circa 1991 I was messing around with a large (but narrow) Apricot tower 
machine - as I recall it was semi-PC-compatible, but not quite. I *think* it 
was a 386; presumably a Xen-something-or-other.

There's http://www.actapricot.org but some of its pages seem to have real 
trouble rendering in Firefox :-(

I get the impression that Apricot were a bit like ICL - the actual product 
range was massive, and for every common machine known about there were ten 
more which only a very few people had...



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