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On Sat, January 13, 2007 00:04, Richard wrote:
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>     "Witchy" <witchy at>  writes:
>> So THAT's why I keep seeing GET / HTTP/1.0 in my webserver logs! Time to
>> hide the server ident on my own webserver or better still, tell the
>> script
>> kiddies it's a MICROS~1 web box....
> If you make it look like IIS, they'll probably pound it even more.

Yes, but they won't get in :)

I dunno, maybe I should just turn the ident off and let them
guess.....I've already stopped the stupid things that are on by default in
my older version of SuSE, though one of those stupid things means I can't
add attachments to my own email messages through my own email

(massive offtopic drift here, sorry)

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