* EMERGENCY * Shipping Question

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Fri Jan 12 09:05:30 CST 2007

One thing to be aware of is the freight company will want to call someone 
and verify the pickup BEFORE they drive out. I had major issues with this 
because they wanted to call me instead of the guy they were picking it up 
from. It took three pickup attempts before it got on the truck (only two 
for the drop off...)


On Thu, 11 Jan 2007, Warren Wolfe wrote:

> Hello, folks,
>    I just bought the afore-mentioned HP Rack for my new HP
> minicomputer.  All well and good, but it is for pickup only in
> California, and I live in Michigan.  Who knows a shipper who will pick
> it up, and drop it off, with only phone contact?  Extra difficulty: It's
> not very heavy, for something that size, but it's HUGE.  Looks to be
> almost six feet tall, probably five or a bit more, with casters.  Clues,
> anyone?
>            Peace,
>            Warren E. Wolfe
>            wizard at voyager.net

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