Browning plastic cases

Chandra Bajpai cbajpai at
Sun Jan 14 13:02:16 CST 2007

A water based paint like Latex? Would I just Home Depot House paint? :-)


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On 13 Jan 2007 at 23:45, William Donzelli wrote:

> It should be noted that painting the yellowed case with a mild paint
> is actually the most proper thing to do, in the mind of a professional
> conservator. Even more proper, and as done with some aircraft at the
> Gerber facility, is to apply a wax coating to the original finish, and
> then paint over the wax. This allows the paint to be removed
> completely and safely when it comes time to refinish the outer layer.

Yup.  If you're just doing it for show,  a water-based paint would do 
the job, if you didn't handle it too much.  Easy to remove--and 
actually serves to preserve things by sealing out atmosphere and UV 


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