VAXstation 3100/76 configured as VAXserver and NetBSD

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Tue Jan 16 12:20:20 CST 2007

On 16/1/07 09:49, "Adrian Burgess" <classiccmp at> wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 14, 2007 at 01:12:11AM -0000, arcarlini at wrote:
>> The wiring inside the VAXstation 3100-76 may well be "non-standard",
>> but the external connector works perfectly well with any SCSI
>> cable which physically connects.
> I'm a bit confused. I've got an M76 which I'd love to install a later
> version of VMS on (it's currently on 5.5), but everything I've read has said
> that the external SCSI connector is DEC-specific and needs a DEC BC09J cable
> to attach normal SCSI devices to (a cable which I've not yet found at a
> reasonable price). Is this not the case?

VAXstations have an external 68-way male connector as standard, the OP's
machine has had this retrofitted (badly?) with an HD50 instead. If I had
easy access to my M78 I could try swapping the internal cable with something
that terminates in a 'standard'* SCSI-1 centronics** connector since I'm
pretty sure they both terminate in headers on the motherboard, but something
is nagging at me that the thinner VAXstations (similar to an Infoserver150)
had the external connector on the main internal bus wiring?

*yeah I know, plenty to choose from etc :)
**I know it's not its real name, I can't remember what it really is.....

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