Datapoint 2200 software ?

Jim Battle frustum at
Tue Jan 16 21:31:15 CST 2007

Jos Dreesen wrote:
> Does anyone know of  software repositories for the Datapoint 2200 I or 
> II machines ?
>                 Jos Dreesen

Al Kossow has some tapes, and he recorded them (432 MB of aiff files). 
I made a stab at writing a software decoder.  I could recover most of 
the files, but I had to tweak my algorithm for specific files.  Other 
things then distracted me and I haven't gone back to it.

One problem I had was that the tape slows down and speeds up as it stops 
between each block.  The simple-minded decoder uses a PLL to track 
frequency variation, but it sometimes gets confused during those 
transitions.  My intent was to add some logic to notice these 
transitions and to automatically ignore them.  But I lost interest 
before that happened.

It would be really great if someone wrote an emulation for the datapoint 
machines; it would then be more motivation to dig up and prepare software.

Jos, I can send you a zip file of what I have.

Al, I promised to clean this up and send it to you, but I just don't 
know when I'll have time to clean it up, so I'll mail it to you.

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