Latest eBay BS

arcarlini at arcarlini at
Wed Jan 17 18:52:46 CST 2007

Al Kossow wrote:
> "As the internet evolves, eBay continues to strike a balance between
> preserving transparency and protecting our Community of members. eBay
> has decided to change how bid history information is displayed so bad
> guys cannot target bidders with fake offers using this information.
> In certain cases, some bidders will no longer be able to view Bidder
> User IDs on the Bid History page. Your User ID will be shown only to
> you and the seller of the item you're bidding on. Other members will
> see an anonymous name, such as Bidder 1, applied consistently to the
> Bid History page."   

I've noticed that happening on some auctions when I view a seller's
auctions over a period of time. I've just looked at a few random
auctions live (on and I can see full details on the
history page. Maybe it's by category or something.


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