Looking for OS/278 to boot up a DECmate I

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 15:10:17 CST 2007

Hello, fellow 12-bitters,

I know this has been discussed recently (as in, "how can I boot my
DECmate?"), but IIRC, the "easiest" way to get OS/278 to a DECmate I
is by copying a boot floppy and putting it in the mail.  Can anyone on
the list assist me with this?  I have NOS blank RX01s, so I can do a
diskette swap, or a mail-and-return, or whatever arrangement is
required; but at the moment, I have no way to hang an 8" floppy off of
modern hardware, so I'm pretty much limited to solutions that are
based on 100% DEC and DEC-compatible hardware.

All I have for my DECmate I is WPS-8, not all that interesting,
frankly.  One of my goals, BTW, is to snarfle off images of my PDP-8
RX01 and RX02 disks for preservation and sharing.  I have a few boxes
of disks from the 1978-1985 timeframe, up to the time I stopped using
a PDP-8 on a daily/weekly basis.

Thanks for any assistance,


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