Jules Richardson wrote on "Digital Archaeology of the Microcomputer, 1974-1994

Billy Pettit Billy.Pettit at wdc.com
Fri Jan 19 16:11:37 CST 2007

William Donzelli wrote:

OK, Mr. Curmudgeon, what can you tell us kids about the CDC Mass Store
System? I got a couple of cartridges in the mail today from a buddy
that used to be in the supercomputer business. Nearly everything on
the web is about the IBM noodlepicker.



Sorry, but I never worked on it.  Saw it in action a few times and was
fascinated with the picker arm moving so fast over the honeycomb.

I don't believe a lot were sold.  I saw one status report that only had 18
of them world wide.  There may have been more sold, but I doubt it.  The
lack of compatibility with legacy tapes was a huge detractor.  Pople who
needed big tape libraries already had thousands of tapes and didn't want to
convert them one by one.

I do know that they were great job security.  It required a full time field
engineer.  Don't think I have a manual on it, though I may have some Sales
literature.  I'll check the controlfreaks twiki and see if any info is


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