VCM idiocy

Sellam Ismail sellam at
Fri Jan 19 16:08:09 CST 2007

> Ooh, good one.  I'll bet he STILL feels that.

Oh jeez, shut up already.

> Starting a business is hard work, and success is difficult.

Right, but what would you know about this, Donald Trump?

> (By the way, while I feel it inappropriate for the list, or any other 
> civilized or pseudo-civilized discussion, anyone who wishes to see the 
> e-mail exchange between Sellam and myself should e-mail me off-list, and 
> I will be happy to send them a copy.)

By all means, please do.  But why not just post it here for all to see?  
It doesn't fall below the level of your Tourettes-induced outburst.


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