eBay idiocy/vcf idiocy et. al.

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Fri Jan 19 16:26:20 CST 2007

"Everybody said they'd stand behind me When the game got rough
But the joke was on me There was nobody even there to call my bluff
I'm going back to New York City, I do believe I've had enough."

Sellam is not the only one who has expresses some dissatisfaction with

But, he tried to do something about it.  He set up a "competing" system.
'Course he badly underestimated the "critical mass" factor.  You can build
a better mousetrap, and the world will still beat a path to MICROS~1's

If ENERYBODY had enthusiastically participated in VCM, then maybe it might
have been able to get off the ground.  But,
"I'm looking for stuff that shows up on eBay more often".
"I need to get maximum dollar, and that's on eBay."
"there isn't enough activity on VCM"

There are plenty of reasons, many quite valid, for sticking with the
industry dominating big guy.

Sellam mis-estimated the level of that.  Now, he feels disappointed, and
even a little betrayed by the fact that he never got the level of support
for it that people had expressed, or even promised.  That was inevitable.
He lashed out in frustration.

We don't want to be blamed for the failure of his attempt to do something,
but, even so, the vocabulary used is hardly the real issue.

Yes, he is brash, and even abrasive, in his email rants.

But, he devotes his life to this stuff, and in person can be VERY helpful.

When I had to close down the operations of XenoSoft, (mostly due to health
Frank McConnell, Uncle Roger, Eric Smith, and Sellam
were the only responses that I got in my desperate need to move out 1000
square feet of computer stuff.  The Humane Society was glad to get my
office furniture, but who would want "obsolete" computers, "obsolete"
peripherals (It isn't easy to give away monitors and printers!), and
bizarre ephemera from more than 20 years of computer faires, Comdex's,
etc.  Even Computer Currents and Microtimes had no interest in a
collection of their own back issues.  Comdex directories?
Who would WANT a Diebold motorized rotating file cabinet that holds a
thousand 8" diskettes?  My best friend tried to help, but he has
congestive heart failure. If not for Sellam's efforts, I would have had to
pay big money in hauling and disposal fees.  Can you IMAGINE how
depressing it would be to have to haul your entire collection to
the dump?  Although my house is now barely habitable, absolutely NOTHING
was dumpstered!

The four collectors paid me money for some items, and made their own
arrangements to pass on some items that they had no use for.  But, they
also gave me realistic estimates for everything on how much I "could" get
for each item on eBay, etc.   None of them fell into the temptation to
take advantage of my situation.  Yes, the totes full of Epson HC20 and
Gavilan stuff could have fetched far more on eBay, but the few hundred
dollars cash was at the moment more preferable.  Frank even went and got
me more totes wehn my Costco ran out.

When Don Maslin needed some help figuring out the file system of NEC
"Stand-Alone BASIC" diskettes, Sellam put us in touch with each other, and
we succeeded in deciphering the disks.

I won't condone Sellam using "coarse" language in a situation where people
are easily offended.  I can't make excuses for him lashing out in
frustration and disappointment when things didn't work out. (although I
will tell HIM, "I told ya so!" (VCF works, but VCM is faced with
insurmountable inertia))

If my only contact with him were to have been his email posts, things
might be different.
But, his actions are far better than his words, and therefore, I'm not
ashamed to say that I consider him to be a friend.

Grumpy Ol' Fred     		cisin at xenosoft.com

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