eBay idiocy/vcf idiocy et. al.

Bryan Pope bpope at wordstock.com
Fri Jan 19 18:44:09 CST 2007

And thusly were the wise words spake by Fred Cisin
> Sellam is not the only one who has expresses some dissatisfaction with
> eBay!
> But, he tried to do something about it.  He set up a "competing" system.
> 'Course he badly underestimated the "critical mass" factor.  You can build
> a better mousetrap, and the world will still beat a path to MICROS~1's
> door.
> If ENERYBODY had enthusiastically participated in VCM, then maybe it might
> have been able to get off the ground.  But,
> "I'm looking for stuff that shows up on eBay more often".
> "I need to get maximum dollar, and that's on eBay."
> "there isn't enough activity on VCM"

So now after midnight CST 12/19/2006 there will be no more "ebay 
sucks" posts? ;)

> There are plenty of reasons, many quite valid, for sticking with the
> industry dominating big guy.
> Sellam mis-estimated the level of that.  Now, he feels disappointed, and
> even a little betrayed by the fact that he never got the level of support
> for it that people had expressed, or even promised.  That was inevitable.
> He lashed out in frustration.

IIRC, at the time when Sellam and friends posted that they were going 
to create VCM, pretty much everybody was excited and behind him..  Now 
when Sellam is throwing up his arms and saying "Where to f*** is 
everybody", "everybody" now says "Watch your tone" and "ebay isn't 
that bad"...

> We don't want to be blamed for the failure of his attempt to do something,
> but, even so, the vocabulary used is hardly the real issue.
> Yes, he is brash, and even abrasive, in his email rants.
> But, he devotes his life to this stuff, and in person can be VERY helpful.

<some snipping>


	Thank-you very much for detailing how Sellam has gone above 
and beyond for you!



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