Strange things found in a free SPARC 20

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Sat Jan 20 09:35:08 CST 2007

> I once owned a very sneaky tomcat. He made one of my PCB's a place to
> leave his calling card--and I didn't discover it for about a year.
> By the time I got to it, the urine had corroded the copper right off
> the substrate in places.
> I threw it out.  I don't own cats anymore.

    Cat Pee is something VERY corrosive. But a nice curiosity - it reacts to 
UV! If you use a UV lantern and take a look at your collection (on the dark, 
of course!) you'll see where the d at mm bastard peed.

    Love cats, but hate their pee. 

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