Archiving workstation hard drives

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Jan 22 15:57:15 CST 2007

On 22 Jan 2007 at 13:56, Jules Richardson wrote:

> The only downsides:
>    1) Lack of long filename support (if I'm archiving something I prefer to 
> give it a long name rather than having to poke into the archive contents to 
> see what something is),
>    2) Lack of remote administration (control via serial port or network would 
> be handy in some cases).

(1)  Just load DOSLFN in your config.sys--you get long filename 
support (at least under DOS 7.x) without having to run Windoze.  

(2) Run under Win9x--you get TCP/IP support as well as support for a 
few other protocols.  Win9x doesn't get in the way of doing direct 
port access, generally speaking.  

No, I'm not an MS booster, but I do like as little interference as 
possible when I'm twiddling bits on ports. 


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