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>> [...]  Did Sun ever make an
>> accelerated 24-bit card?
> Yes, they made a bunch of different 3D accelerators during the 90s
> (and most likely beyond, but I haven't been attending SIGGRAPH often
> enough to say for sure).  Ironically, they didn't start making good 3D
> accelerators until they hired ex-Evans & Sutherland engineers.  I can
> concur that working at E&S was good training in 3D!  They really knew
> their engineering, its such a shame that marketing and management were
> utter failures.
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There was, I believe, something that could be paired with a CG9 in the 
Sun-3/early Sun-4 days. Ah yes, here it is: the GP2 graphics processor. 
VME based, with Weitek engines.

Then there was the Leo/ZX option for SBUS.

Can't tell you anything about performance of either of these two.

With the introduction of the UPA bus things got better: Sun introduced 
Creator/Creator3d and Elite3d. Of course, none of these graphics could 
touch what SGI was putting out, but it was a valiant attempt. Creator3d 
used the SPARC for geometry but had onboard Z-buffer calculations, 
Elite3d had a full graphics pipeline but not much texture cache.

Can't say anything about the really off-topic stuff for the current 

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