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> GP2 was, I think (don't have one) a single 9-U VME board that attached 
> to the CG9 via a private bus on the P2 or P3.

OK, maybe its not a GP2 that I have, but a GT (graphics tower)?

Yes, the "Frame Buffer FAQ" answers this:


    The Graphics Tower is a 24 bit accelerated 3D graphics system. The
    tower itself is a seperate box, which is connected to the Sun
    through a single-width SBus interface card. As a console frame
    buffer it is unbearably slow. It is not supported in Solaris 2.5
    and beyond, or in newer Sun machines."

They also say:


    Also known as the SX and spam, this is a very different kind of
    frame buffer. Built in to the motherboard on the SS20, it is also
    available as an add-on card for SS10 and SS20 (only one add-on
    card is allowed). For each display a VSIMM is required; two types
    are available, 4Mb or 8Mb. The 8Mb VSIMM allows a resolution of
    1280x1024 at a depth of 24 bits; the 4Mb VSIMM allows up to
    1280x1024 at 8 bits or 1152x900 at 24 bits. (For the reason why
    see below.) System memory can be reserved for use by the SX to
    improve performance using the command sxconfig.


    Also known as the ZX or T(urbo)ZX, this is a 24 bit accelerated 3D
    graphics card. Both cards are double-width, but the TZX also
    requires extra cooling in the form of an additional double-width
    fan card, so effectively takes up 4 SBus slots."

> CG13 looks to be unaccelerated based on anecdotal evidence.

Do you mean the cgfourteen described above?

> Does anyone know if the S24 (SS5 AFX framebuffer) was accelerated?

I didn't find this mentioned on the above URL, but perhaps if you look
at it you'll recognize it in the list.

There is also a description of "ancient" frame buffers here:
"The Direct3D Graphics Pipeline" -- DirectX 9 draft available for download

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