"Immortal computing" initiative by Microsoft

arcarlini at iee.org arcarlini at iee.org
Tue Jan 23 13:39:37 CST 2007

Jim Isbell, W5JAI wrote:
> Have it as you will, but the law was changed a few years ago, and I
> noticed it because I have several "prior art" claims I could make.
> When I saw it I realized that it was no longer a defense to say "I
> meant to apply, but just dint get around to it, and here is the
> documentation to prove I thought of it first."  So I threw out all my
> notebooks.  Well most of them anyway.


All these suggest you can say "here is some prior art" and have it
into the published patent. This doesn't immediately invalidate it (you
still presumably need a court case for that!) but it is free!


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